Healthy Websites

  • Website Design

    If you don’t already have a website, you will need first to have it designed. This takes several steps: setting the goals of the website, planning what needs to be on the site to reach those goals, setting your “brand” by deciding what images, fonts, colors and layout to use.

  • Website Development

    Now that you have your site design finished, it needs to be implemented in a development environment.

    You will need to purchase the domain name or names, sign up for hosting service, install the software needed to set up the layout and functionality you decided on in your design, and then it needs to be tested. And tested again. And re-tested. Any changes needed will have to be implemented and the testing process begins again.

  • Website Maintenance

    A healthy website will be maintained daily. This includes the site to be checked for updates in the core program, plugins and themes, have any updates applied to the site, and have backups made and stored off-site for prevention of data loss in the case of a hosting server problem or for migration or import processes.

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